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Photo Courtesy Boeckemann Collection (c) 2008


Jimmy C Does the Nose Job


Old Chrome

The Visit

Photos Courtesy of Moldy Marvin / Automated Entertainment  (c) 2008

The Metamorphous!

The Grand Finale

Photos Courtesy of Anna Marco (c) 2008


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Crew Credits:

Beau Boeckmann - Owner/ Collector

 Michael Lightbourn - found Orbitron!

Dave Shuten -  Project Leader and Builder

Ed "Newt" Newton - designed it  initially with Ed Roth  and  in 2008  helped with overall sculpting & insured accuracy of restoration

Larry Watson -  Painted Orbitron in 1964 and assisted with paint  in 2008 

Bill Carter -  Assisted Watson with paint in 1964 and painted it himself this time in 2008

 Jimmy C. -   fabrication and sculpting of nose 

James " Cooch" Coutchure - frame and  metal fabrication

Steve Tracy - Advanced Plating - Chroming

Joe Perez - did the interior  for Roth in 1964 and again  for Galpin Auto Sports in 2008!

Mad Mike - electronics and wiring

Adolph Kruger - overall assistance in the restoration

Planet Plastics - Bubbletop 

Moldy Marvin - Interweb - Instigator and overall trouble maker  !  

Bibliography and Credits:

“Big Daddy Roth’s Latest Dream Rod”  by Bud Long Car Craft Magazine (September 1964)

“The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby” Tom Wolfe  (1965)

“Hot Rods by Ed “Big Daddy Roth”  by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth & Tony Thacker (1995)

“Ed “Big Daddy” Roth His Life, Times, Cars, and Art” by Pat Ganahl (2003)  

“The Orbitron Saga” by Pat Ganahl and Jerry Heasley Hot Rod Magazine (March 2008)

“Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s Orbitron Found!!” Moldy Marvin CK Deluxe Magazine (December 2007)

Chris Walker Orbitron Model Maker

The Grand Finale

Ed Roth's Long-Lost Orbitron Jerry Heasley (2009)

Rod and Custom March 2009

Photo credits from publications will be found in the captions.

Other Credits: Darryl Roth, Mark Moriarity, Michael Lightbourn, Larry Watson & Darryl Starbird

Additional Photo Credits:  Michael Lightbourn, Moldy Marvin, Anna Marco




The Orbitron L-R Ed "Newt Newton, Dave Shuten, Suzanne Williams, the Moldy one, 

Robert Williams, Beau Boeckmann, Jimmy C & Adolph Kruger


Adolph Kruger, tha Moldy One & Jimmy C


The Orbitron's Nose Job! Dr. Jimmy C sculpting the Nose

Photos Courtesy of Moldy Marvin / Automated Entertainment  (c) 2008


by John Detrich (c) 2007


"Big Mess, Big Success!" ~ Ed Roth




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