The Visit


Beau, Newt, Jimmy & Dave go over the nose


Ed "Newt" Newton designed the Orbitron right along side with Ed Roth so when it came to the nose and the rest of the car "Newt" knew what to look for.

Jimmy C, Beau, Newt & Adolph go over old photos


It's all about "The Big Picture"

 Robert and Suzanne Williams also came bye to see how things were coming along. 

Mad Mike, Robert Williams, Dave and Ed "Newt" Newton


Robert and Newt reminisced about the good ol'dayz then we all got together autographed a bunch of photos for exchange and took a group shot!





The Orbitron L-R Ed "Newt Newton, Dave Shuten, Suzanne Williams, the Moldy one, 

Robert Williams, Beau Boeckmann, Jimmy C & Adolph Kruger

Photos (c) Moldy Marvin / Automated Entertainment 2008

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Big Mess, Big Success!" ~ Ed Roth




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