The Grand Finale

by Moldy Marvin 11/19/2008

Photos Courtesy of Anna Marco (c) 2008


Rebuilt Beauty

Along with an advanced crew from the Galpin Auto Sports shop, The Orbitron rebuild began. The crew at GAS did an incredible job under Shuten’s direction. Artist Jimmy C was called in to sculpt a new nose from dense blue foam. The car was then resurfaced; Larry Watson did his mixing magic of Candy and Pearl paint, while Bill Carter sprayed away.  Joe Perez (who originally did the interior) came out of retirement to restore the cockpit just like it was back in the day. Most all of the original parts were cleaned up, restored and re-chromed to even include the original hose clamps. If a replacement part was needed, the team either found one by scouring swap meets and the web, or if one could not be found, then it was made!  Cooch fabricated a new chassis because the old one was shot.  Adolph Kruger stripped over 16 layers of paint and sealer off then repaired the fiberglass where needed and resurfaced everything prior to paint. Mad Mike did all the electronics and Scott Casbere helped run all of the wiring.


Photos Courtesy of Anna Marco (c) 2008


Shuten already had the Slotted Astros; there is only one original Cal Custom knock off on the car, the other three were re-cast.

The front tires were easily found, however rear tires were specially made from a cheater slick with the original tread pattern reproduced by machine. Advanced Plating did all the chrome (approx. $40,000 worth), the car was reassembled and the end result is an absolutely amazing, historical custom!


Welcome Back

On October 18, 2008, The Orbitron was revealed to the public with a huge event held at Galpin Auto Sports. The GAS museum was transformed into a nightclub. Outside the showroom was an astonishing display of Roth/Barris/Bailon designed vehicles and an eco-friendly muscle car or two. Wolfgang Puck catered the eats and hosted a well stocked bar of everything you could imagine. The moon was high in the sky as hundreds of people flocked to the invitation only/red carpet affair, with a plethora of builders and collectors alike.   In attendance: The Roth Boys, Larry Watson, Gene Winfield, Bill Carter, George Barris, Ed “Newt” Newton, Robert Williams, Jimmy C, Larry Tarantolo, and Lee Iacocca to name a few.  Of course, Michael Lightbourn and the press, as well as myself the entire Orbitron team, and the Boeckmann Family were there too!



Photos Courtesy of Anna Marco (c) 2008


A silent charity auction donated proceeds to The Boys and Girls Club and United Cerebral Palsy.  Entertainment on the main stage included “Camp Freddy” featuring Billy Morrison (The Cult), Matt Sorum (GNR), Donovan Leitch, Chris Chaney and Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction). Other featured guests included Macy Gray, Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), Xzibit and Ozzy Osbourne!  

The Orbitron was not the only unique vehicle unveiled that evening.  A new car called The SCTHE, designed by none other then Ed “Newt” Newton himself was also displayed. The SCTHE is a new creation by the folks at GAS (more news on that later).


Now on display

After 30 years lost, with great fanfare, peeking out from a cloud of mist, her infamous red/green/blue lights flashing, and hydraulic bubbletop slowly lifting open, The Orbitron, like an Automotive Phoenix, greeted us once again.   All and all, the evening’s festivities and the unveiling will be remembered for years to come!  A big thanks to Michael Lightbourn for finding her and Beau Boeckmann & his team for their integrity in putting her back together exactly as she was!  Orbitron Lives!


More Fotos on the way.....