September 1964 Car Craft Magazine

Car Craft Article Photos By Bud Long

Big Daddy Roth’s Latest Dream Rod


At right is the competitor’s view of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s latest creation, designed for show and go, the fiberglass car (?) displays fine workmanship and, if you dig it, way out styling and mechanics.

At the left, “Big Daddy” himself, a self-professed egotist and vagabond, smiles for the camera alongside the Orbitron.  Ed admits that Dirty Doug and Dick Cook assisted him greatly in building the car.

Right, Larry Watson in Bellflower , sprayed 10 coats of Candy Blue lacquer over Doug’s handiwork.    Pinstripping and chrome make the car a standout.  Acry Plastics came through with a massive bubble for Roth.

The engine, far left, along with the rod’s frame and running gear, was completely chrome plated by Model Plating in Bell Gardens .  The 283” Chevy features a Howard mystery cam and Edlebrock triples. 

Left, under the bubble top is a plush interior featuring the handiwork of Ed himself.  The accessories include a Cragar steering wheel, Hurst stick, Dixco tach, Cal Custom brake pedal, Moon gas pedal.

Below, build for AA/SC class (show car), the Orbitron runs a chromed box-type frame, 1956 Chev rear-end, Morris Minor torsion bars at rear, 1940 Ford steering and chromed wheels by Astro.




"Big Mess, Big Success!" ~ Ed Roth




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