Crew Credits

Beau Boeckmann - Owner/ Collector

 Michael Lightbourn - found Orbitron!

Dave Shuten -  Project Leader and Builder

Ed "Newt" Newton - designed it  initially with Ed Roth  and  in 2008  helped with overall sculpting & insured accuracy of restoration

Larry Watson -  Painted Orbitron in 1964 and assisted with paint  in 2008 

Bill Carter -  Assisted Watson with paint in 1964 and painted it himself this time in 2008


Jimmy C. -   fabrication and sculpting of nose 

James " Cooch" Coutchure - frame and  metal fabrication

Steve Tracy - Advanced Plating - Chroming

Joe Perez - did the interior  for Roth in 1964 and again  for Galpin Auto Sports in 2008!

Mad Mike - electronics and wiring

Adolph Kruger - overall assistance in the restoration

Planet Plastics - Bubbletop 

Moldy Marvin - Interweb - Instigator and overall trouble maker  !  

"Big Mess, Big Success!" ~ Ed Roth




Copyright 2008/2009 

  Littlerock, CA



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