A Tour Of The Party Venue 

This is the Entrance of the property with both the Grass Field and the parking Lot we have plenty of room for the Car Show participants. There is also plenty or parking on the street for the general public.

Last Up-Date 12/03/00

Refresh These Pages Cuz They Are Still Under Construction

This is the picnic area where folks can hang out in the shade. We are going to have a Killer BBQ but folks can bring their own food and drink.

Please no Glass Bottles and No Pets

We may also have our Out door stage Set up in the vicinity of this area.

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All of our Artist will have Their Booths Set up on either side of this windy walkway Show cars will also be allowed to park in this area

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This is the out door Kitchen and BBQ area. There will also be Refreshments available and Barley Soda on Tap. 

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Click on tha image to get a closer L@@K at the Horse shoe pit. We're gonna have game of U shaped Handgrenades.


Yes there will even be a Swimming Hole this year so's folks can cool off and give them kids something' ta do. The Cement Pond will be supervised by Two Life Guards and strict Rules will apply to allow every one that wishes to cool off the opportunity to do so.



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Logistics and Staff Meeting Room 

Indoor Lounge, 21 and Over Only 

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Show Information Directory 

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Klassic & Kustom Car Show Rules and Entry Form rightpoint.gif (1218 bytes)

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Battle of the Bands Information rightpoint.gif (1218 bytes)

Take A Tour Of The Party Grounds rightpoint.gif (1218 bytes)

The Sponsors & Folks That Make This Happen rightpoint.gif (1218 bytes)

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 Financial Report

Interested in Becoming A Sponsor  ? Still need more Information  ?

Then Give Us A Call @ (818) 755-0820 or (800) 880-6567  or Send Us E-Mail


And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

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Kulture Shoq

The Mutilators 

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Sam Ash Music Stores


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