Battle of The Bands

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So Here's our Line Up fer tha battle of tha Bands

Grand Prize To Be Announced

We're Still Lookin' Fer More Sponsors for This event so stay tuned.... 

Tha Battle Will Be Between

11:00am-Approx. 2:30pm

Southbound 151, The Lava Men, The Dead Billys, Luck Of The Draw, The Black Shadows

  Our Headlining Entertainment For Tha Afternoon

Approx 3:45pm till ?

Mr. Badwrench

Cattie Ness and The Revenge


Sponsors For This Event

Gift Certificates:

$ 150.00 First, $ 100.00 Second and $ 50.00 for each other Participating Band

Thank You Paul Ash

Sam Ash Music Stores

Thank You For the Goodies !!!!! 

Ron Bricknell  Guitar Center Sherman Oaks, CA 



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