The Futurian by Designer Mark Moriarity  

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Frame & Engine

Road Agent


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Frame & Engine

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Futurian, Road Agent & Globe Hopper


glas2.gif (44929 bytes)

Body with Bubble

prime.gif (64623 bytes)

Body with Bubble & Primer

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gel02.gif (48280 bytes)


gel01.gif (38489 bytes)


fut2.gif (31399 bytes)

 John Detrich does T-shirt Art For Mark

Copyright 2001

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More Paint

fut3.gif (39673 bytes)

John Detrich does T-shirt Art For Mark

Copyright 2001

body01.gif (48543 bytes)

Body On

body02.gif (66126 bytes)

Body On

dsider01.gif (79874 bytes)

Bubble On Interior Done

eng01.gif (68319 bytes)


int01.gif (126092 bytes)

Interior Close Up

Futurian Gallery

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fut7.jpg (34079 bytes) fut1.jpg (24714 bytes) fut8.jpg (26141 bytes) fut9.jpg (46884 bytes)




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