John "Dekay" Detrich

John Detrich, illustrator for the Hot Rod Super Freak trading cards, was born in Oceanside, California but now calls Ashburn, Virginia home. He has vague memories of building monsters kits as a kid ... kits with bulging, bloodshot eyeballs, hanging, slobbering tongues covered with flies, crooked fanged grins, fists extending shifter balls with pinkies extended, growlin' blown engines belchin' flames and smoking slicks. He also remembers stickers called the
'Odd Rods' and the name 'Rat Fink.' 


At the time, he didn't know what or why they were. He just knew they were cool and then forgot about them ...

Until two decades later ...

An Original Acrylic Painting By "Dekay"




Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and "Dekay" a few years back at the World Of Wheels Tour

John awoke plagued with these hazy monster visions and the burning question," What
is a Rat Fink?" His research discovered an old LIFE magazine article that pointed to Ed "Big Daddy" Roth as the culprit.


Phone calls were placed to the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress was consulted to strengthen the case. The evidence... re-issued model kits, decals, books and magazines, toys ... slowly surfaced. The puzzle started to pull together.

G.T.O. "Dekay"


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