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New Rat Fink™ Pewter Figurine

With 3-D Diorama Collectors Box and 3-D Glasses $ 120.00 each

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This Pewter Figurine Depicts Ed Roth's Rat Fink Driving Ed Roth's Very First Show Car

The Little Jewel™

Click Tha Image Fer A Closer L@@K

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No Rat Fink Collection Would Be Complete Without Owning this Absolutely Beautifully Detailed Figurine.

Get Yours Today $ 120.00 each + S+H


Coming Soon !!!!!!! The Little Jewel™ Paintable Model Kit 

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And Model Building Contest

Rat Fink™ name and device and Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

trademarks of Ed Roth  1999/2000 Rat Fink device   Ed Roth 1989 / The Little Jewel 2000

New !!!!!!

$ 29.95 +S+H 

And Now For Something Compleately different !!!!!

Corporate, Executive gifts for the discerning collector


Golden Fink w/ Golden Jewel' 22K & White Rhodium
overlay W/ Executive Pen. Limited Edition of 50 Sets 

$ 350.00 each +S+H

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'Golden Fink ' Executive pen set' $300.00 +S+H  'Golden Rod' Executive pen set' $150.00 +S+H 

limited editions on This 'Golden series' of 500 only
no more of each ever produced again ,without exception...

'RAT MOTOR'w/ Rat Fink & Big Daddy

Click Image Below Ta L@@K At The Wax Model

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All new, Rat Fink Pewter Key chain
All new, Flying Eyeball miniature Tool Box Key chain
All new, Blown Small Block Engine Key chain...
Place yer orders now ,Initial
castings will be limited....

New Rug Rat and Rat Motor Accessories & Key Chains

New ERTL Die cast Monsters Soon To Be Released Late 2000

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Dealer Inquires Welcome

Call For More Details (800) 880-6567 or (818) 755-0822

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