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Check it out Gang we got us a whole bunch "o" really kool Ed "Big Daddy" Roth Decals ta show ya... These here decals were brought into our studios By Johnny LaMonte and we scanned 'em so's ya could check it out fer yr'selves..  If ya got one we missed then e-mail it to us and we will give ya a name credit.

You can send in yer questions too just e-mail us !!!!!

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1968 & No Date


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Ed joined the Air Force in 1951 and went to bombsight school in Denver where he learned how to make maps. He was stationed in Africa for awhile and then transferred to South Carolina for 4 years before coming home. Ed was honorably discharged in 1955. 

During the 60's when we went to war in Vietnam, Ed supported our men and women overseas by producing these decals that were plastered on armored vehicles, airplanes, helmets and just about anything that they would stick to.



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