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Most all of the rings shown were manufactured in the 60's The Rat Fink Figure could either be clipped on to the ring or hung on a necklace or key chain.


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There were several colors to chose from and even some glowed in the dark.  You can still purchase a similar Rat Fink figure with a ball key chain.

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These Images were sent in by

John Wright

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Rings were made like the green and silver one pictured

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The Rings came individually packaged in a master box of 36 and you could find them at Comic Book stores and the five and dime and Gumball machines.

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 pin.jpg (16492 bytes) A Rat Fink Hat Pin similar to the rings.


 batcharm.gif (15430 bytes) Batfink Charm and Pin set.


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A Rat Fink Looker. Caption said to look at the Big Rat Fink Inside..... when you opened the Barrel you would see yourself ....Kool............ Image Sent In By Joe


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