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Models and Paint

Note:  All of the models shown are currently discontinued, however you can find them around.

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Original Rat Fink Model from the 60's

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Reissue of the same model from the 90's

Rat Fink  Models are Avaliable  Check Out Our Store For Details.

mdnut01.jpg (117207 bytes) Reissue of Drag Nut 1995


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The side of the box shows the Original Copyright info from 1963


mmwor01.jpg (99547 bytes) mmwor02.jpg (86549 bytes)

Reissue of Mothers Worry 1996


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Fink Eliminator

model05.jpg (119427 bytes)

Surf Fink


superfink01.gif (35409 bytes)

Super Fink Built-Up

Sent in by Weldon McDowell


rfsf01.gif (45442 bytes)

Surf Fink And Rat Fink Built-Ups

From The 60's Sent in by Joe Kovacs



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Boss Fink Built-Up Featuring Ed Roth Himself

in his car Tweedy Pie 1964

Sent in by Ted A.K.A. Scuzfink


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