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Kids Coloring Book

You can still find these around



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Original Rat Fink Franchise Certificate from the 60's

The Certificate allowed the club member to issue club membership cards .

The text read the following.

This certificate certifies that the person below is an official member of the Rat Fink Fan Club of America and is duly authorized to issue club membership cards to others.

Below the authorized name read the following:

Is hereby authorized to preside at meetings, organize clubs and participate in all events of the Rat Fink Fan Club.


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This Discontinued Issue was Published in 1987 and Features 5 Rat Fink Shorts, an Interview on Ed "Big Daddy" Roth that Includes 3-D Photos of "Big Daddy", The Pizz, and Von Dutch along with a 3-D Gallery of Rat Fink Mini Posters. The Inside Cover even has a Drawing of Rat Fink by Robert Williams dated 1977.   You can purchase this item from our store.


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These Comic Books were produced in 1990 by Roth & Sloan however the Comix inside were originally done in the 80's.


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These Comic Books were produced in 1995 originally printed in 1993 and 1994 they had some of the same content as the above mentioned comic books.  There were a total of seven issues. You can still find some of these around today.


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CONFESSIONS OF A RAT FINK, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF ED "Big Daddy" ROTH by ED ROTH & Howie 'Pyro' Kusten, oversized softbound first edition published by Pharos Books, 1992, over 170 pages, color cover with b&w interiors. This book looks at the life of ROTH and his creations with many photos and artwork.

A color poster also came with book.

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