Tha Good o'l Dayz Back In 1957 P 2

Ed puttin' the final touches on a Bell Gardens "Buccaneers" Member's Truck back in the early dayz

Jim Howard: My Ford was a 1956 Victoria, All Black from the factory. At this time most of the cars were coming two tone, in salmon, teal, black, red, with
White. I had to order mine from the Dealer at Central and Slauson. It took about 4 weeks for it to be delivered. It had a 292cid engine with factory duels and a four barrel carburetor. and Automatic transmission.

In those days there was no Power any thing. The original exhaust went thru the rear corners of the bumper to keep to the bumper up. 

I did the mechanical custom work, Lowering (4" all round), and glass pack mufflers (40") the car was painted by Ed Roth in early 57.

You will notice the hubcaps, 56 Buick Century, spinners with 57 Buick bullets in the center. Those hubcaps cost 400 bucks in 1957, Chrome wheels were just being marketed then and were very expensive, and not very good. A lot of chrome flash at the joint between rim and center plate.

My car was done
in Black and Metallic Bronze, with purple pinstriping. 

This combination only lasted about three months. Some how the purple just wasn't right. When Ed changed the striping to Red the car looked super. This picture was taken about this time.

Ed had his shop on Firestone Blvd in South Gate, Ca. I decided that I wanted some art work on the dash. So Ed painted a montage of Las Vegas because we
were going there on week ends to pinstripe and paint cars. We went to the Drag races and there was a line of cars 10 deep and Ed was taping I was sanding and then he would Paint it right there in the desert parking lot under a tarp to aid in sun control. 
The cars got so hot that they had to have ice for the little fingers, to keep from burning them. Lots of work , But lots of girls in the evenings.

When the Scallop jobs started Kenny Allen's 56 F100
( Pictured On Page One of This Article ) was the first or second one that Ed ever designed. There were a lot hands helping with the sanding and clean up but the design was all Big Daddy's.  

My car was done in Black and Metallic Bronze, with purple pinstriping. This combination only lasted about three months. Some how the purple just wasn't right. When Ed changed the striping to Red the car looked super. 

Subsequently the interior was changed to Black/Red Bel Air cloth center
inserts and Black naguahide high roll seat backs and Red pipeing and a 
blood red perorated headliner and the door panels were a combination of
all three. Looked very nice. I ran this car for four years and then
traded for an Austin Haley 2.6 Roadster. I wish I had it back now. But at
the time It needed to go. The guy who bought it wrecked it about two
weeks after I sold it. The reason I know this is the CHP came looking for
me because the registration had NOT finished going through channels,
when it was totaled.

These pictures bring back lots of memories. Jim Howard


These are all some of Ed's first "Scallop" paint jobs, he was trying to get away from the common flame paint jobs everyone was using.

Bell Gardens "Buccaneers" Member

Harvey Troop's pickup truck


Well Gang I hope that ya all enjoyed this little story and if any of you folks out there in cyber space got somthin' like this that ya'd like ta share, e-mail it to us and we will post it on our website. Thanx Moldy


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