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I consider my self pretty lucky cuz I get to meet a lot of really good artist out there and sometimes we all get together and share our work with each other. 



Here's  a toilet seat that I did and then Skratch Pinstriped the thing... Wot a Jam !!!!!

Flying Eyeball by  Moldy w/pinstripin' by Skratch / Sold




Skratch and E-dog jammin' on my Seats at the 1st annual Dirt Bag Social and Pinstripers Ball




This was the Seat that I did for the party

After E-Dog Stripped it... Wot a difference.




Tri / Roth "99" / Moldy  w/pinstripin' by Skratch 

Ratitude Roth "99" / Moldy  w/pinstripin' by Skratch 


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