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This is some of the stuff I've done in the past. It's a gallery of sorts. 

Some of it can be reproduced if yer interested.


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Eyeballs were not only given as a gift of sight but were put on our face show ones emotion or expression.
All of the stuff shown above is oil on canvas or on canvas board. Nothing is larger than 11" x 14".

I call'em Moldeyes as a parody. A study of Rat Finks Eyes.  It's amazing what someone's eyes can tell you.

In most images of Rat Fink the eyes are very simple and as a rule don't include an iris along with the pupil.
I wanted to see if by adding these features if one could express Rat Finks emotion and make him recognizable without drawing the entire image.

The compositions of the iris study came from one image that Chansaw Chuck & Jimmy C did of a close up of Rat Fink's eyes. I think it's one of the only images I have ever seen of Rat Fink that showed a complete iris and pupil. It really showed a lot of expression and that is what inspired me to do the study.

Every year my eyesight gets worse and it drives me crazy. I have 3 different pairs of glasses that I wear and when I paint now dayz I wear magnifiers most of the time.I thank God for my site everyday, It's hard to Imagine where we would be without our site.

God Bless the Blind...  Moldy



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This here image came from a little note that Jimmy C sent me one day.. I thawt it wuz pretty kewl so's I put it on this here Mail Box.... Thanx Jimmy ,,,,,

Here's some Ash Trays I did.. I figured if'in they looked good maybe folks wouldnt us'em...

Bowling Pins 


Toilet Seat Toilet Seat Toilet Seat


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Toilet Seat Top Toilet Seat Inside


I'm really not much of a pinstriper but I like to pinstripe here's some stuff that I have done.

Practice make Perfect !!!!!

I've also done some small Tikis too. If ya want one done give me a buzz for a price.
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If ya Wanna buy any of this stuff or if'in yer interested in havin' Moldy do sumpthin' for ya Call (800) 880-6567 or (661) 944-2299 For Details.

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