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Hey Gang this is where I get ta show off some of my stuff.


I'll be the first to admit I use what ever tools are available, weather  it be tracing paper, saral paper, my Lucygraf, opaque projector, or  computer. I come from a commercial and scenic background. In both  industries you learn to use the tools of the trade. 
 I don't mass produce anything so to me it doesn't really matter if  ya  lift the stuff as long as it's good. Ya still have to have some kind talent to pull it off. Ya don't get detail when ya trace, that 
stuff comes on yer own. 
 Most all of my junk is either lifted or my interpretation of Ed Roth drawn by Chainsaw Chuck, Johnny Ace, Jimmy C, Greg Cooper, Jeff Gaither, Ken Mitchroney, Mizar, Newt, Sloane, etc.etc.etc. 
 I would say that every artist that has worked for Roth had to of been been inspired by Roth. 
 Inspiration translated to interpretation.  If the guys that drew for Roth weren't inspired by Roth's ideas or style then we wouldn't have what we have today.  I guess in a way we all lift from one thing or another. 
 Anyway the way I see it the important thing is that you keep the pencil moving, keep the brush wet, practice and don't give up as long as it  makes you happy. Just do it for yerself and if folks enjoy it too 
all  the better. 
 Look at the way Ed built his cars.  He built them for himself no one else, he enjoyed it and his 
stuff is still the best after all these years. 
 When you no longer enjoy what yer doin'; do something else that does. 



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