Suzanne Williams

If'in ya got them 3-D Glasses Put'em on

Suzanne started oil painting in the early 1960's and is virtually self-taught, She did attended the Art Center College of Design, USC School of Architecture, and Chounard Art Institute.


From 1967 to 1969, Suzanne worked for Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Suzanne had a hand in many projects but most of her involvement was to layout and letter on Roth's Choppers Magazine.

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Suzanne Relaxing Next To Her 34 Tudor Sedan (Photo David Perry Hot Rod Deluxe)




Static Multihued Wheel Floating Upon Complementary Colors , 1971

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Oil on Canvas; 35"x36"

The atmosphere and emphasis on freethinking and alternative art made the possibility of any other job seem too limiting to Suzanne so she chose to freelance after leaving Roth's studio.


Oil painting has a richness that Suzanne finds very appealing, the slow drying time allows for a great level of refinement. Line and Form on a two dimensional surface has been the main focus of discovery and voice for Suzanne, she pays sharp attention to detail and precision.

Scallops & Stripes Confined Within an Oval of Flames , 1975

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Oil on Canvas; 19"x25"



Acute Diagonal Equilibrium

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Oil on Canvas; 20"x30"

Suzanne does not use an airbrush or any type of masking technique, instead she chooses brushes and meticulous hand edging techniques.


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