Weldon McDowell, Jr. Bedford, Texas

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1.) All parts were carefully removed from the trees and fitted together
before gluing. I used styrene glue on both pieces that needed to be
joined. Upon assembling I squished the glue out and let it dry …using
it as a filler …then files were used to remove the excess leaving an
invisible seam. 

001.jpg (77293 bytes)

2.) The figure was then primed with a white enamel primer. Next a light
grey acrylic paint was brushed onto the body …then a dry brush
technique was used to apply a pinkish highlight to the high points.

3.) The inner mouth was painted with a dark red and the teeth were
painted ivory …then a little white was applied over some of that.

4.) The suit was painted next with a red acrylic paint. 
5.) The skateboard was painted ivory …then an oil based walnut stain was
brushed on to simulate wood grain. The trucks were painted chrome
silver and the wheels were brushed with a rose acrylic paint to
simulate the old composite clay wheels.

 002.jpg (63859 bytes)

6.) The cape was brushed with a dark blue acrylic paint and the “S.F.”
lettering painted white.

7.) The “R.F.” hat was painted the classic black with white letters.

003.jpg (67225 bytes)

8.) I added a filler cap, ruby-red fuel line, and an Accel yellow plug wire
to the gas engine. I scratch built a hand held, remote throttle and
cable assembly for SUPERFINK to operate the skateboard with.

9.) The eyes were painted white and a red wash applied for the bloodshot

10.) Finger and toe nails were painted a lighter grey and a thin ivory line
was applied to the nail free edge.
 11.) Everything was then covered with the oil base stain and wiped off to
bring up the low area details …and a matte enamel varnish was used to
seal and protect the acrylic paint.

image004.jpg (66986 bytes)

12.) Lastly …I applied a super high gloss clear nail polish to his teeth, lips,
tongue, inner mouth, and eyes for the slick wet look.

005.jpg (49199 bytes)

Great kit …and I think my favorite one of them all.






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