Rat Fink: The Art Of Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth

- by Douglas Nason & Greg Escalante
Ed Roth's colorful persona, outrageous designs, and irreverence was both heralded by the underground and shunned by polite society. Dubbed the "Blue Collar Warhol," he left behind a legacy of creative lunacy and turned American car designers, the art world, and the youth of America upside down. He defined what it was to be a true original; and in defining an American aesthetic, fathered a movement known as Lowbrow Art. This long awaited volume is the first American book dedicated solely to the work of Ed Roth.

This is a 220 page, picture-packed survey of Roth’s varied artistic endeavors is now available for purchase directly from Automated Entertainment & Rat Fink.org

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