Moldy Marvin's 3rd Annual 

Rat Fink.Party, Kustom Kulture Extravaganza,

Klassic and Kustoms Show

In Loving Memory of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth 

July 20, 2002

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Mitch 02 / Rat Fink Device Ed Roth 1989


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003self.jpg (46397 bytes) "Well O.K. here we go  Tha List: " not in any particular order,, we gawt" .. Ilene Roth A.K.A. "Trixi", Bio Bert da Shirt, Jimmy C and the Queen of Art,  Ken "Mitch" Mitchrony, Coop Cooper, Becca "Goddess "o" Glass ", Blanca Apodacaa, Rainbone, Larry "Speedo" Henely, Sara Ray, Chick , Sonny DePalma, Manuel Cisneros, E -dog, George and Brett Barris, David Looper, Chad The "Toy Ghoul" Scheres, E-DOG, Crig Fraser, Dirty Donny, Dave "DB" Burke, Marco Almera, Sunny Buick, Dan Collins, Eric Pigors, Jeanne Bauer, CJ Allan, Hot Dog, Robert And Suzanne Williams will show up somewhere, Harpoon, Baba, Skratch, VonSpchoony, Beau Boeckmann, Sean Riley, and tha guys from M@@neyes, along with a bunch of others then ya have.. Car Kulture Deluxe, Barracuda, Drive, Gearhead, Grindstone, and Motorhead " And How'bout them bands !!!!!   Check it out... We gawt, The Black Shadows, Dead Billys, The Devilheads, The Suicide Doors, Southbound 151, CattyNess & The Revenge .. Check out our Bands page For More Information ...........


This Years Charity Auction Goes To :


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Besides  havin' a bunch of Really Kewl Rides ped02.gif (62657 bytes) and great Artist    chad.jpg (23946 bytes) We're gonna  Have Live Entertainment  cattie.jpg (16120 bytes) and a tattoo contest tat.jpg (16097 bytes)   along with a model building contest and a bunch of stuff 

for the Kids to do too.. Like a Hot dawg eating contest, Hula Hoops and a coloring contest,   

We'll have a bunch of great Food and Beverages on hand. So bring the whole family and experience  the joy of  Rat Fink !!!!!!!

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