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Rat Fink Store Display Model Posters

Images Sent In By HUNTER SHANNON And His Dad JP

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Rat Fink and Other Model Sales Poster

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Brother Rat Fink On A Bike

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Contest Poster

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Drag Nut


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Fink Ford Lotus

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Mr. Gasser

mrgasser.gif (67714 bytes)

Mr. Gasser

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Mothers Worry


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No Name Monster

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Ransom Display

ratfink.gif (59833 bytes)

Rat Fink


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Road Agent

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Super Fink

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Tweedy Pie

aangel.gif (83033 bytes)

Angel Fink

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April 1964 Revell Calendar

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Christmas Letter From Big Daddy

Go off Campus and Check Out The Roth Ad's That Jack Lister & Greg Have Posted

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