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Owner: Mike Griffith Pasadena California

Besides sketching, Randy liked building model cars and when the first Rat Fink models hit the shelves he, like every other kid in the area, purchased, built, modified and painted every one he could get his hands on. Randy's first car was a 1950 two door coupe he would cruise to The Witches Stand in South Bay and the A & W on Sepulveda Blvd. in Venice. He built his first Harley, a 1948 flathead, when he was fifteen and rode it until he went into the Marine Corps in 1968.
When Randy got out of the service in 1971 he worked in construction and did stunt work for the studios on the side. Art was still only a hobby, but by now, he started using an airbrush and occasionally would airbrush murals on his friends vehicles. In the late 70's Randy moved to the Tri Cities, near Spokane Washington with his wife and son, he worked in construction and did artwork as a paying side line. Soon, winter hit and the construction work dwindled, so Randy found a job painting in for a local sign shop.

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See it February 27 & 28, 9:00 pm ET.

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He worked for Clay Ellis' as an apprentice for almost a year and then he and his wife separated, leaving Randy as a single parent. By 1980, the Tri Cities, became a literal "ghost town". Randy, and his three year old son Jason, Moved to Lomita, Ca. where he knew he could get work and some help from his parents.

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