Moldy Marvin goes to The Cub Scout Pinewood Derby 2001 Hosted by Pack 219 Burbank, CA P 1




Cub Scout Pack 219 has gotten a lot of press the past few years for their Pinwood Derby Races that they hold once a year in Burbank CA.

Now the Cub Scout Pinwood Derby has been a national past time of the Cub Scouts for years,  the thing that makes Cub Scout 219's Pinewood Derby so special is because Ken Koshiro one of the dads has built one of the finest state of the art tracks along with Bill Barlak that put together the computerized timing system. This is the best track ever built in Pinwood racing history and all of the other Cub Scout packs across the United States want to use the thing.  So I just had ta drop by and check it out. 

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