Quotes From "Hot Rods By Ed "Big Daddy" Roth / Roth Thacker "95"

" In Africa I had got this fantastic idea for a fiberglas car when I saw a picture of Henry Ford beatin' the trunk of one o' his new '41 Fords with a sledge hammer and it wouldn't dent. Ya could'a knocked me over with a feather. It was also very cheap! It could also be done by people with little or no talent and I had both. It seemed too far out for my brain so I just dismissed it 'til I saw the LIFE article. In '57 I started playin' with "glas". I got some of the gooiest messes ya'd ever wanna see. My pants are always ruined by the end of each day, but in them days I'd have to throw 'em away each day. Shoes was good for about 4 days before I'd throw a coat of black paint on 'em.

 First I had the frame which was your basic '29 Ford rails and fitted this junk Caddy engine into *junk but ran good). I knew fiberglas existed but couldn't get anyone to help me (except Dirty Doug later on) so I was gonna make me a body outta wood like the Shadoff Special guys'd done. But it was too complicated and besides, wood and me don't jive! So I went to the local lumber yard and got some casting plaster (which is gross 'cause it dries so quick) but it was cheap and better'n wood."

1958 Fawcett How-To-Book # 427 ...  Roth First Offers a T-Bucket Body For Sale pulled Off of the origional mold.  

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Ed's First Entry with the Excaliber at Disneyland 1958. (Above Right, Below left)  The car was not judged because the interior was not finished.

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"Makin' the buck was no problem. Guys in Detroit was usin' clay since the early 20's but clay was a buck a pound. Forget it! Plaster was a buck for 100 pounds. I used that! Then I covered the plaster with this messy, ooey, gooey stuff. I mean, like, it just ran into this big pile of mush on the asphalt. It was devastating. 

I couldn't ask anyone for advice 'cause no one knew. But I did it over and over 'til I got it right. When the glas cured, I knocked the plaster out from the backside and that because my "Outlaw" mold. (Robert Williams has that still now). I made two bodies and sole one to some unsuspecting dude down the street. 

I only made one grille shell thought so tough toodies!   I had a few tools in them days. I had some basics like a crescent wrench and a hacksaw and a coupla files. So I wired, with bailing wire, all the stuff I wanted welded and took it to a trailer place down the street where this dude named Clarence Bell welded the stuff together. Then I took it home and filed all the weld marks down and took it to the chrome shop.

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Ad From Car Craft Jan. 1960



I gotta give Fritz Voigt, a local mechanic and sidekick of Mickey Thompson, a lotta credit for help in advice and parts. Meanwhile, I sold "Little Jewel" to get money for the chrome for the Outlaw.

As I worked on Outlaw I was plannin' a tow rig and trailer. Enter Dick "The Hammer" Cook. Dick could solve any problem with a hammer. Dick had put an Olds Tri-power into a '40 Chevy and I bought it form him. It hauled bananas! It was perfect for a tow car. A little paint and a coupla signs. It was even big enuff (A seday yet!) to sleep in. The nifty part of the '40 was the gear shift. Dick had made the emergency brake handle into a gear selector and when people offered to drive it and they figured out how to start it (another story altogether) they couldn't figure out how to make the thing go. Tough!"

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