NEWS FLASH 04/29/00......Detroit MI. News release!! From Roth headquarters in Saugus for instant dispersal to Moldy Marvin's website. 

Informed sources at the General Motors test track in Odessa Texas revealed that one of the brand new experimental 2000 Camaros has had a head on collision with an un-named armadillo and the car careened off the track and flipped over several times coming to rest in a grassy infield . Fortunately driver and running gear were unharmed and a General Motors spokesman informed the press that the entire running gear (Minus the rear end differential) are headed for The Street and performance engine development laboratory in Mena AR, headed by Mark Campbell, R&D director.

Big Daddy Roth enjoys test track with wife "Trixie" and engine mechanic/artist Gary Mizar as they watch in amazement as the cleanup crew tows wrecked Camaro off of the test track onto the truck bound for Street and Performance for the "Engine beautification" program. 

 In a last minute interview last evening , Campbell (41) notified reporters that this all aluminum LS-1 engine is slated for Big Daddy Roth's new experimental "Burnout Boogy" show car scheduled for completion in late 2001

Big Daddy and famed wrestler "Buba" share a discussion about how easy it was to single handedly load the new camaro engine onto the toe truck. "You are what you eat" said the 28 year old Buba. 

Campbell also added that this will be the "Worlds Most Beautiful Engine". Roth declined interview. Roth's press secretary, Moldy Marvin (43) claims that this is one of the most advanced designs to come from the Roth Custom Car Shop in Saugus and Roth does not want to reveal any additional details or let any more stories leak out about its space-like design.


This beautiful motorcycle was built with great loving attention to detail and power. The Chevy all aluminum engine is the pride and joy of the New Camaros and Vettes, and carefully installed into this highly altered Harley type Frame. 


   Balloons galore! was the official title of the Kansas City Chopper display as the bikers rushed off to refill their lungs with fresh air. 


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