Mitch "Da CrAzY ReBel" Mitchroney

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Dis is Mitch "Da CrAzY ReBel" Mitchroney.  Some of us call him Ken, some of us call him Mitch and some of us call'em "Da CrAzY ReBel".

Today Mitch is welkin' on one of them fancy Rat Fink toilet seats he's so famous for.

Let's see if'in we can get just a little closer ta take a L@@k at wot he's doin'.


Oops sorry Mitch didn't mean ta scare ya... guess we'll wait until yer done.

Last Up-date 03/10/01

Mitch's Art can be commissioned Through Automated Entertainment Call (800) 880-6567 or (818) 755-0822 For Details.

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