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Here is where ya can purchase some stuff that I currently have for sale.

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"Potty Monster" 

Toilet Seat 

$ 45.00

"The Raven Roth Coat of Arms" 

Toilet Seat 

$ 45.00


Toilet Seat 

$ 45.00




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Resin Heads 

One Shot 

$ 24.00 


One Shot 

 $ 15.00 

Used Skate Board

One Shot  

$ 25.00


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Rat Fink Light Switch Covers.

Resin Sculpt By Greg "Coop" Cooper Paint by Moldy Marvin

Each switch is very limited and numbered.

$ 35.00



Last Up-date 12/06/03



If ya Wanna buy any of this stuff or if'in yer interested in havin' Moldy do sumpthin' for ya Call (800) 880-6567 or (661) 944-2299 For Details.

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