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 Family of Finks / Sonny DePalma 2000

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Rat Fink


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1st Annual Ed "Big Daddy" Roth 


"Run wot ya Brung Drag Race and Rat Fink Weekender "

Wendover Raceway Nv/Ut

June 28-30 2002

Artist, Music, Drag Racing, Charity Auction

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Moldy Marvin's 3rd Annual Rat Fink.Party and Kustome Kulture Extravaganza

Sonny DePalma 2001

July 20th 2002 Enter 


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"Ed Roth Winter National"  and " Rat Fink Reunion" 2002

December 7th 2002

Wendover Raceway NV/UT

Run wot ya brung !!!!!!!!

Artist, Music, Drag Racing, Charity Auction

Stay tooned Gang More info on the way !!!!!!

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See Pictures Of the Rat fink Reunion 2001

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Big Daddy Roth's RAT FINK Reunion in Santa Fe Springs (December 16th 2000) was such a smashing hit that the cops closed him down late Saturday afternoon. Fire engines and police in riot gear dispersed the large crowd with warnings to "go or get taken". Camera crews who are filming the documentary film: Big Daddy" Roth life story "Confessions Of A Hotroddin' Pinstripin', Kustomizin' Teenage Icon A.K.A. Hip stories for Hip Kids"  were able to get some very valuable footage before the closure and the DP of the movie got nailed by some oncoming traffic which made a large dent in his shoe and clobbered the very expensive Hollywood camera. "Filming will continue in more remote parts of So Cal and on sound stages in the area" according to studio executives.


See Pictures of MotorSport Direct Show July 22, 2000

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"Rat Fink Reunion 2000"

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